How to Find a Remote Nursing Job

  • Last Updated: August 4, 2023
how to get remote nursing jobs

No more commuting, more hours in the day to get stuff done, eating home-cooked meals and not having to worry about dressing up. What’s not to like about having a work-from-home nursing job? There has been a significant increase in demand for remote nursing jobs over the past few years due to the COVID-19 pandemic and, even now, a general trend toward telehealth and remote work continues.

There are many types of remote nursing jobs available., including telehealth nursing, medical coding and nursing case management (among the most popular jobs that you will come across) and nursing informatics. These can either be fully remote roles or partially remote, which are also known as hybrid jobs.  

Now let’s look at some tips for nurses who want to land a remote job.

Define Your Specialty Area

First, and most importantly, you need to consider what type of remote nursing role you are most interested in and also qualified for. Many remote nursing jobs are in specialized areas like case management, utilization review, care coordination, telephonic triage, and health coaching.

It will do you good if you identify your clinical specialty and focus on looking for open remote roles in that field. For example, if you have ICU experience, search for remote intensive care case manager roles. The more niche your skills, the better your chance of finding a remote opportunity.

Job Sites and LinkedIn

As the demand grows, so does the number of online job platforms. Many online job sites are now dedicated to providing remote healthcare and nursing positions. We have listed a few sites below, you can check these frequently as remote nursing roles can sometimes get filled quickly.

While “remote” may be the most obvious keyword to use when running a search on these sites, you can expand your search by looking for other relevant keywords like “work from home”, “telehealth”, “telecommute”, and “virtual”. Another good option is to set job alerts on these sites.


Of course, you can search our site for the latest remote jobs by location or by professions.

Look on Company Websites

Don’t just rely on job boards or LinkedIn. You can also directly go to the source by looking up specific healthcare companies, insurers, hospitals, and telehealth providers that hire remote nurses. It is best to bookmark their careers page for current remote openings and subscribe for their email job alerts.

Some of the popular companies to research include:

  • UnitedHealth Group
  • Anthem
  • Humana
  • Aetna
  • Centene
  • CVS Health

You can find more details in our article on Companies That Hire For Remote Nursing Jobs.

Network and Ask Around

Finding a nursing job is similar to finding a job in any other industry. And networking can play a key part in getting a role you like. Join nursing associations and LinkedIn groups focused on telehealth and telemedicine jobs, attend nursing conferences and chat with vendors that may hire remote nurses. You can also connect with nurses working remotely and ask them for valuable tips.

Feel free to network and apply internally at your hospital for work-from-home roles. Getting this experience can make you a stronger candidate for future remote positions. Check your facility’s intranet for open roles. Internal hires often get priority.

Highlight Your Remote Skills (Or Upskill)  

If you have prior remote experience, highlight your telehealth experience, comfort with technology, and ability to work independently when applying for remote nursing jobs. Provide specific examples of when you successfully treated patients remotely or navigated online platforms.

If you do not have remote experience, it’s time to learn the technology that’s often employed. Here are some of the standard software that you should be familiar with:

  • Microsoft Teams
  • Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Zoom chat

Research what online platforms are being used, get to know them and you will hit the ground running!

Also, emphasize soft skills like communication, time management, and motivation. It would be best if you showed how you add value remotely.

Tailor Your Resume

Most big employers use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to sort resumes that flow through their system. The software searches the resumes for keywords from the job posting. Read the job description carefully, and incorporate its relevant words throughout your resume.

This will help ensure you get past the initial screening. Having a cover letter to go with your resume is also highly advisable. Remember, you can always use ChatGPT to help customize your resumes and cover letter.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Having an updated LinkedIn profile is essential for any job search. If you want, customize your headline to “Seeking Remote Nursing Opportunities,” so recruiters know your interest. Join relevant LinkedIn groups and connect with remote nurses in your network. Check LinkedIn Jobs for remote postings. A robust LinkedIn presence improves your chances of being found for remote roles.

Prepare for a Remote Interview

When you land a remote nursing interview, you want to give it your best shot. Gather information about the role and company so you can ask informed questions. Always test the video conferencing or phone technology beforehand to avoid technical glitches. And make sure you have a strong internet connection and a quiet environment.

  • Dress professionally as you would for an in-person interview.
  • Have your resume and relevant materials nearby for reference.
  • Practice answering common nursing interview questions out loud.
  • Learn about the STAR method of interviews.
  • Come up with examples of how you add value remotely.

Taking the time to prepare will make you more confident and comfortable, even when interviewing remotely.

Finding the right remote nursing opportunity takes dedication and an open mind. You may need to compromise on your ideal role, specialty, or compensation to get your foot in the door. Be willing to start part-time or take on a less-than-perfect job to gain vital experience. With persistence and flexibility, you can land the remote nursing job you want.